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:heart: Alright, I've gone through the club gallery and I've removed a handful of pictures. Why? Because a picture of Misty standing there smiling has nothing to do with AaMl.

:bulletred: This is a club to express the relationship between Ash and Misty. If a picture does not imply AaMl in any way, it really doesn't belong in this club.

:bulletred: If you've found your deviation is no longer in the club, it's because for whatever reason I am unable to see any AaMl in the picture.

:bulletred: If you're upset about this fact and think that I was wrong to remove your picture, you're more than welcome to note the club stating your claim, and I'll either apologize and let you resubmit it or I'll continue to say no.

:bulletred: Also, if you choose to not send a note and resubmit your picture anyways, I will remove it again, and again, and again until you get it through your head.

:bulletred: Sorry if I'm coming off mean, but seriously, it's an AaMl club, not a Misty fan club. And obviously it goes for Ash too.

:heart: Thanks for understanding.

:rose: - Founder kasuria


:heart: And for the rest of you, welcome to the AaMl (Ash and Misty love) Club!

:bulletred: This is a club for people who support the couple of Ash and Misty from Pokemon.

:bulletred: So please, take a look around!


:rose: AaMl Hints

:rose: AshxMisty Chatroom

:rose: Music Videos

:rose: AaMl Websites

:rose: AaMl Screenshots


:heart: Club Rules

:bulletred: You must support Ash and Misty to be a member

:bulletred: No bashing of any other clubs. Doing so will get you kicked out of the club.

:bulletred: You must watch the club so you can be informed of updates, contests, etc.

:bulletred: Please don't submit anything with too much mature content. Be smart when you submit a deviation.

:bulletred: When you're a member, try to put our icon in your journal, signature, etc.


:heart: Rules for Sumbitted Art

:bulletred: Try to keep pictures PG-13. No sex or porn.

:bulletred: The art must somehow show AaMl

:bulletred: Don't use someone else's art (including recolors). Draw your art yourself.

:bulletred: Fanfictions, poems, etc. are also allowed

:bulletred: Please comment and fav at original art!


:heart: How to Join

All you have to do to join is click the join group button and you'll be automatically accepted! Make sure to watch the club!

Remember also to stick the icon somwhere. For the icon, just type in : iconaaml-club : or for the name as a link type : devaaml-club :

Without the spaces, though.


:heart: How to submit art

Deviants will be responsible for submitting their own deviations. Remember to keep maturity in mind.  


:heart: We're listed in:

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AoToPn Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
thanks you so much for letting me join this group!^^ :) (Smile) <3 Hug Love i really appreciate that!i like the couple ash and misty so much!it's so great to know that i'm not the only one to like this couple and to be with you together in this group!:) (Smile)
jimmyneutronfreak1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student General Artist
I'm trying to make a new pic in the style of the Pokémon anime, and it would be a HUGE help if any of you could provide me with a good pic of Ash or Misty when either of them are staring at something, dumbfounded, and spazz out a bit due to what they're seeing(as if he or she is practically shrieking, "OMFG!!!  WHAT in the HELL is THAT?!?!?!", but utterly speechless), so I could use that as a reference pic!  If anyone could do that for me, I'd REALLY appreciate it!! :eager: by darkmoon3636
jimmyneutronfreak1 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Student General Artist
Also, I can't find my deviation I submitted here a while back...  Was it accidentally deleted or something?? :shrug:
Cilcil-TheArtistXD Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist
Sorry but I will leave this group,but don't worry.I still like Misty. ;)
But no longer I'm not fan of AshXMisty shipping. :(
Meanwhile you drawing nice pictures. :meow:
If I chose my idea I join again.
LoveMySockhead12 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
God, I miss that red-headed goddess T^T
(A.K.A. Misty lol)
And I really miss the original trio in general!
After Misty left, I totally lost interest in the
anime. I understand why they got rid of her,
though, because it became something that
people wanted to see completed.
What I mean is- If they kept her there, she
and Ash would inevitably have to get together..
Thus, ending the series, because kids wouldn't want to see lovey-dovey stuff in their precious cartoon. But, they couldn't do that, because they still had to market the new Pokémon games coming out, so they ditched the romantic interest, and stayed away from the
hints with the other girls, so that wouldn't happen again. And, who knows? Maybe.. When the series finally ends.. They will forward their ages, and Ash and Misty, will finally be together. Because, they were the true couple
in the first place.
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