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:heart: Hints taken from…


:heart: General Hints</u>

:bulletred: When the group are in danger either Ash or Misty will call out the other's name rather than Brock's/Tracey's

:bulletred: Misty tends to grab hold of Ash rather a lot when she's scared of anything

:bulletred: She cheers like a mad woman when he battles.

:bulletred: They're always saving each other when they're about to fall off a cliff or when they're are gonna be blown away

:bulletred: They get jealous a lot

:heart: Episode Hints</u>

:rose: Ash Catches A Pokemon

:bulletred: Misty sweatdrops when she says she's only following him to get her bike back, suggesting that's not the real reason. She also comments dreamily "I've never known anyone like him".

:rose: Here comes the squrtle squad!

:bulletred: When Ash came in the hideout late and no one was there, one of the first things he was worried about was Misty's well being, he asked her if her hair had been dyed

:rose: Electric Shock Showdown

:bulletred: Ash and Misty reach the Pokemon Center and begin to fight about something. Nurse Joy then says, "When two people fight, it means they really care for each other." Misty and Ash hurriedly deny this but both blush deeply.

:bulletred: Also when they are coming out, Ash says something about a lucky star shining for him and Pikachu. Misty comes up behind him and looks around while asking, "A star? How can you see a star in the middle of the day?" He says it was just a saying and huffs away while Misty watches him smiling.

:rose: Island of the Giant Pokemon

:bulletred: Ash, Misty and Brock were lying on a beach unconscious where they were washed up after escaping the sinking St. Anne cruise ship and getting attacked by some Gyarados. Ash wakes up first and in a panic, rushes over to Misty and shakes her saying "Misty, Misty wake up!". After she awakes he calms down and then says "Hey Brock" to Brock. He is much more concerned about Misty.

:rose: The Tower of Terror

:bulletred: When they're walking along and the fog sets in, Ash suggests that they hold hands. He and Misty don't even have to look before they grab each others hands. Brock is just left wandering behind them but then he grabs onto Pikachis tail making Pikachu shock him and at the surprise Misty clings to Ash.

:bulletred: Then when Ash is a ghost he decides to take Misty for a ride rather than Brock, and he grasps her round the waist rather than under her arms or somewhere less conspicuous, before that thought he states "So, Misty, you really are worried about me!" when he overhears her worrying.

:bulletred: While Ash & Pikachu are out having fun as Ghost, Brock and Misty find Ash and Pikachu's bodies. Misty then begs Ash to wake up...and when he does, the first thing he says is "Hi, Misty" and she gasps and says "You're alive!" and then wipes her eyes...she was crying !

:rose: The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

:bulletred: Misty asks Ash to dance and Ash, after gazing unbelievingly at the way she looks, agrees.

:rose: March of the Executtor squad

:bulletred: when Ash sees Misty in her magician's assistant outfit, he says something like, "Hey, cute outfit, Misty!", while Misty blushes.

:bulletred: And then when Ash is trampled by the Exceggutor, she's at his side, begging him to wake up again before telling Pikachu to try and wake him up.

:rose: Princess Vs Princess

:bulletred: When Ash sees Misty all dressed up, he's just staring at her like 'Whoa...'

:bulletred: And then when Misty's begging them to let her use their Pokémon, Ash says "You must really want that picture with Fiorello" - Jealous lately?

:rose: Friends To The End

:bulletred: Misty tries to cheer Ash up, despite her obvious annoyance at his sulking and him pushing her away.

:rose: Pokeball Peril

:bulletred: Ash and Misty's horrified over-reaction to Team Rocket taunting them about being 'lovebirds' suggests they have something to hide. They were blushing and kept saying "It's NOT TRUE!"

:rose: Naval Manuevers

:bulletred: When Ash and Danny are climbing the mountain and Misty and Tracey are riding up the mountain, Misty yells out "Please be extra careful, Danny!". Ash says "What's she so worried about him for?", slips, and almost falls down the mountain.

:bulletred: Then when they got on top of the mountain Misty runs over to him and Danny. Ash is happy and starts running towards her but is surprised when she passes him and she goes to Danny and offers to share her blanket with him, Ash goes...'What about me?' in a disappointed tone.

:rose: Where For Art Thou, Pokemon?

:bulletred: Misty is talking about how the two trainers aren't mature enough to admit that they really like each other, Tracey steps in with...

"You know, it's the same way with you and Ash!" and they both freak out at him.

:bulletred: Then in the end of the episode when the Nidoran's kiss and evolve, Ash asks, 'Do people change when they get kissed?' Misty says. 'We'll just have to wait and see'.

:rose: Misty Meets Her Match

:bulletred: Rudy asks Misty to stay on his island! But instead of staying with someone who would treat her wonderfully and be really nice to her, she decides to stay with Ash.

:bulletred: Plus, at the end Rudy says, "You know ash, you're a very lucky guy" Ash of course is confused, but then Rudy says, "You'll find out someday."

:bulletred: Ash is also jealous throughout the episode, he even starts to lose the battle until Misty starts cheering him on. That's when Rudy realizes who she wants and says, "she wants him".

:rose: Forest Grumps

:bulletred: When running from angry Ursaring, Jessie and Misty switch groups! So Ash, Brock and PIkachu are all worried about Misty and when they see each other finally, Misty says, "It's Ash!" And Ash is the only one who says "It's Misty!"

:bulletred: Not only that, but at the very end, Ash says, "You had us all worried there, Misty, I'm glad your okay" and she tells gim that she actually missed them.

:rose: The Heartbreak of Brock

Ash: Wow, Brock's getting married?
Misty: You and I will be married someday too.
Ash: mhmm... WAAA?!

:bulletred: Also, when Misty is trying to get brock to talk to Tamoku, she slips out, "It's a lot easier to like someone who likes you then to like someone who doesn't" Then Brock asked how she knows and she gets flustered.

:rose: Love, Pokemon Style

:bulletred: Misty gets jealous this time! This is in the last episodes of Johto when one of the trainers asked Ash on a date, and Misty got jealous! She pulled his arm and said he was booked.

:rose: Gotta Catch you later!

:bulletred: Misty has to leave back to her gym because her sisters are going on tour. When she tells Ash is doesn't seem upset by it and that gets her upset and she runs off.

:bulletred: Later on Ash and Brock help her fight of some guys and then it's time for them to split and Misty rememberes everything she's been though with Ash.

:bulletred: Then they say goodbye and Ash promises they will see each other again. Brock leaves in this episode as well. Here are some quotes from the episode.

:bulletred: Misty: How could Ash talk to me like that, after all we've been though, like it ment nothing to him...Worst part, he isn't even sad about us haveing to split up...

Misty: Will I ever see you again?
Ash: You will, I swear.

Misty: (to herself) Now I know how you feel about me Ash Ketchum...

:heart: The Movies</u>

:rose: Pokemon: The First Movie

:bulletred: Nothing two important, just her worrying about him as usual.

:bulletred: But on the DVD the producer of the show/movie says, "On our record album, we elude to the fact that Misty has a crush on Ash and vice-versa" (The song is called Misty's Song, and if you click on the original link to the website you'll here it playing in the background)

:rose: Pokemon 2000: The Power of One -

:bulletred: Misty gets jealous when Melody kisses Ash on the cheek.

:bulletred: She the tells Ash that she's not going with him when he's ready to go on his journey beacuse she tells him that she's not his "girlfriend" and he should get a girlfriend to go with him.

:bulletred: Then she talks to Melody about not being his "girlfriend" when she starts worrying and they follow him.

:bulletred: At then end, Ash is out in the Ocean and Melody was about to go in after him but Misty stops her and tells her that "Ash will never be alone...he has me" and then she goes inside the ocean for him.

Melody: What are you coming for?
Misty: To find Ash! And before you start saying it's because I secretly like him, don't, 'cause I don't!
Melody: Hey, chill out! You sure are sensitive about someone who's not your boyfriend!
Misty: He's not my boyfriend! He's a boy and he's a friend, but he's not a boyfriend!

Misty: Let's find Ash!
Melody: Yeah, and if he needs help, his girlfriend's here!
Misty: But I'm not...
Melody: Well, like you said, you are a girl and you are his friend!

:rose: Pokemon 4ever

:bulletred: Sometime along the movie when the four (They pick up a friend for the movie) are running from a pokemon. Misty trips and Ash (and Brock) run back to help her back. When they get to safety, at least for a minute, Misty discovers she can't walk, and some pokemon are about to attack them. Ash runs out in front of her and spreads his arms out to protect her.<sub>

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