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Pokeshipping 3 by Awesome-Base Pokeshipping 3 :iconawesome-base:Awesome-Base 114 83 Pokeshipping 1 by Awesome-Base Pokeshipping 1 :iconawesome-base:Awesome-Base 11 3 But I Have You by sunshineikimaru But I Have You :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 956 265
It came without warning, like an assassination in the night. They had inexplicably begun teasing him, egging him on about his "obvious" crush on the girl. He'd had little luck deciphering their motives. Perhaps for their own sense of entertainment or pleasure, or maybe out of sheer boredom, or maybe they'd had some life-altering revelation that dictated that they make a mockery of his love life, or lack of. This had gone on for months now, and from the beginning their jests had been nothing but an annoyance, comments constructed for the sole purpose of provoking him. As time passed, however, their words slowly worked into his mind like tiny drills, and eventually their lies shifted into his truths. With each passing day, his blushes grew darker, the racing of his heart became more rapid, and his thoughts were more isolated, focused solely on one person.
Eventually he'd returned home, where he was met with a surprise greeting with the girl. The moment he saw her, everything came full ci
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Pokeshippp by sara by Sara-Sakurahime Pokeshippp by sara :iconsara-sakurahime:Sara-Sakurahime 135 21 Smile in the symphony by sara by Sara-Sakurahime Smile in the symphony by sara :iconsara-sakurahime:Sara-Sakurahime 420 63 Wedding's photo by sara by Sara-Sakurahime Wedding's photo by sara :iconsara-sakurahime:Sara-Sakurahime 436 91 Follow me again by sara by Sara-Sakurahime Follow me again by sara :iconsara-sakurahime:Sara-Sakurahime 289 50
Misty's Miracle: Chapter 6
Chapter 6
After that one night with Ash, Misty felt like she was on top of the world. She never knew it could feel so good to do that with Ash, and feel so right at the same time. In fact, she had never done that in her entire life. When she had learned about it, she had decided to not do it, until she was married, and she would only do it with the one she loved.
Misty even wondered if that one time actually did it for her. However, she knew that she would have to wait a few days before it was confirmed, and so she waited, until she was sure a home pregnancy test could confirm it.
A few days later, Misty decided to take a home pregnancy test. She was so sure it would turn out to be positive, but when it turned out to be negative, she became a little disappointed. She then stepped out of the bathroom, where Ash was waiting for the answer.
"Well?" Ash asked when he saw Misty come out.
"Negative." Misty answered in a sad tone.
"Hey, don't be so down Misty." Ash said, trying to chee
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Misty's Miracle: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
It was the very next day, and Ash and Misty still haven't fully recovered from their little meal incident last night. They did, however, get it under control, but still didn't feel well, so they decided to stay home.
Ash had to cancel the match he was supposed to have today, and decided to postpone it until 3 days later. For they were due to come to May and Drew's wedding, which was tomorrow. They were sure that they would be well enough to go in time.
Misty had a feeling that she did something with the meal that she may have missed. She goes into the kitchen, and discovers that the pot that was used for the meal had traces of soap left over from the meal. She couldn't believe that she didn't check for that before using it to cook with.
She walks out of the kitchen, and yells at the top of her lungs, "I can't believe I did that!"
Ash was laying on the couch and heard her. "Did what Misty?" He asked.
She sighed of embarrassment, and decided to tell Ash, knowing he would
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Misty's Miracle: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The next day...
In a few days, Ash and Misty will be going to the wedding of May and Drew. Today, they are out getting gifts for the wedding. They are now in the car with Pikachu and Pik, ready to drive off to the mall. As they are, Pikachu and Pik are talking to each other.
(“So, what do you think is a good present for Delcatty and Beautifly?”) Pik asks Pikachu, knowing how good of friends he is with them.
(“Hmm,) Pikachu answers, (“Let me think.”)
At this point, Ash is having a hard time figuring out what to get Drew, as he didn’t end up knowing much about him. May was easy for him, as she was with him throughout his whole Houen journey, he knew exactly what to get her, but Drew just seemed to be so tough to figure out.
“There it is, the Cerulean Mall!” Misty said, interrupting Ash’s thoughts.
Ash pulled into the parking lot. The mall was much bigger than many other malls were. It looked pretty ordinary on the outside, exc
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Misty's Miracle: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The next day, Ash had a really tough battle. The end result ended up being Pikachu winning it, but getting hurt badly. With what happened, and how much Ash cared about Pikachu, Ash promised to stay by his side, until he was sure Pikachu was gonna be okay. Amazingly, Pikachu was gonna be just fine, and would be able to go home the next day.
The next day, Ash picked up Pikachu at the Pokemon Center, and went home. Misty had planned a very special meal for tonight. Not for any special occasion, just to show how much she loves him. She was busy all day shopping for the ingredients for the meal. She had found the meal in a cookbook, and decided to try it out. She had just gotten home, and was busy making the meal, when the phone rang. She immediately answered it, and a very familiar voice came over the phone.
“Hello?” She said, holding the white cordless phone to her ear.
“Hi, like, this is Daisy.” Said the person on the receiving end.
“Oh, hi Daisy
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Misty's Miracle: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The next day...
The alarm clock started blaring loudly, which ended up shocking Ash and Misty as they fell off the couch, with Ash ending up on top of Misty. He quickly got off, and turned off the alarm. Pikachu and Pik then woke, yawning in union.
"You feeling better Misty?" Ash asked as he helped Misty off the floor.
"OW! Yeah! You?" Misty asked as she got up.
"Yep." He said with a confident smirk.
It was early in the morning. They had to get up early, for today was the day of May and Drew's wedding. They were soon ready; Ash dressed up in a black and white tux, Misty in a cascade-blue, one piece, and sleeveless dress. Pikachu and Pik were well enough to go, and got dressed up themselves. Pikachu just put on a black bow tie, and Pik wore a pink bow, and the flower bracelet that she loved so much.
They soon took off in Ash's private jet, which was the fastest of all in the world. They had to get there as quickly as possible. They knew they couldn't waste anytime getti
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Misty's Miracle: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Our story begins in Pewter City. Here, in the city of stone, a black spike haired man, who is the world famous Pokemon Breeder, known as Brock, is getting married. He is getting married to Suise, a white woman with long dark green hair.
Brock had met Suise a long time ago in a place called Scissor Street. There, she ran her own Pokemon Salon that was dedicated to making pokemon look beautiful on the inside. Susie was amazed by Brock’s knowledge of Pokemon care, and she gave him her beloved Vulpix, a fox kit Pokemon with six tails. A few years later, they met again. At that point, Susie had decided to enter Vulpix into a beauty contest. It wasn’t until five years after that, that they met up again. At that time, Ash, a tanned, black hair man, who was also at the wedding, had just become the Pokemon Master of the world. Susie didn’t recognize Brock right away, but Vupix did. It didn’t take long after Vulpix had jumped into Brock’s arms for Susie
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Tribute to AAML Hints by CarinaT Tribute to AAML Hints :iconcarinat:CarinaT 650 184 Our Past, Now and Future by MiyaToriaka Our Past, Now and Future :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 1,610 959




:heart: Alright, I've gone through the club gallery and I've removed a handful of pictures. Why? Because a picture of Misty standing there smiling has nothing to do with AaMl.

:bulletred: This is a club to express the relationship between Ash and Misty. If a picture does not imply AaMl in any way, it really doesn't belong in this club.

:bulletred: If you've found your deviation is no longer in the club, it's because for whatever reason I am unable to see any AaMl in the picture.

:bulletred: If you're upset about this fact and think that I was wrong to remove your picture, you're more than welcome to note the club stating your claim, and I'll either apologize and let you resubmit it or I'll continue to say no.

:bulletred: Also, if you choose to not send a note and resubmit your picture anyways, I will remove it again, and again, and again until you get it through your head.

:bulletred: Sorry if I'm coming off mean, but seriously, it's an AaMl club, not a Misty fan club. And obviously it goes for Ash too.

:heart: Thanks for understanding.

:rose: - Founder kasuria


:heart: And for the rest of you, welcome to the AaMl (Ash and Misty love) Club!

:bulletred: This is a club for people who support the couple of Ash and Misty from Pokemon.

:bulletred: So please, take a look around!


:rose: AaMl Hints

:rose: AshxMisty Chatroom

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:heart: Club Rules

:bulletred: You must support Ash and Misty to be a member

:bulletred: No bashing of any other clubs. Doing so will get you kicked out of the club.

:bulletred: You must watch the club so you can be informed of updates, contests, etc.

:bulletred: Please don't submit anything with too much mature content. Be smart when you submit a deviation.

:bulletred: When you're a member, try to put our icon in your journal, signature, etc.


:heart: Rules for Sumbitted Art

:bulletred: Try to keep pictures PG-13. No sex or porn.

:bulletred: The art must somehow show AaMl

:bulletred: Don't use someone else's art (including recolors). Draw your art yourself.

:bulletred: Fanfictions, poems, etc. are also allowed

:bulletred: Please comment and fav at original art!


:heart: How to Join

All you have to do to join is click the join group button and you'll be automatically accepted! Make sure to watch the club!

Remember also to stick the icon somwhere. For the icon, just type in : iconaaml-club : or for the name as a link type : devaaml-club :

Without the spaces, though.


:heart: How to submit art

Deviants will be responsible for submitting their own deviations. Remember to keep maturity in mind.  


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Meanwhile you drawing nice pictures. :meow:
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God, I miss that red-headed goddess T^T
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And I really miss the original trio in general!
After Misty left, I totally lost interest in the
anime. I understand why they got rid of her,
though, because it became something that
people wanted to see completed.
What I mean is- If they kept her there, she
and Ash would inevitably have to get together..
Thus, ending the series, because kids wouldn't want to see lovey-dovey stuff in their precious cartoon. But, they couldn't do that, because they still had to market the new Pokémon games coming out, so they ditched the romantic interest, and stayed away from the
hints with the other girls, so that wouldn't happen again. And, who knows? Maybe.. When the series finally ends.. They will forward their ages, and Ash and Misty, will finally be together. Because, they were the true couple
in the first place.
NOAHREX23 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Artist
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